This is a website by Sonya and Scott.

We started this site for a few different reasons. The primary one is because of Trader Joe’s wine. Let me explain. We both love Trader Joe’s wines and drink them rather frequently. They’re so cheap and there are so many varieties! If you’re like us, you know the joy of buying four bottles of wine at once from TJ’s. And maybe some Asiago cheese for good measure. Our favorite are the Sauvignon Blancs.

We check out wine so often from TJ’s, though, inevitably there are ones we don’t like. So, the initial purpose of this site was to snap a picture of a bottle and keep track of which are good, bad, ugly, and so on. We figured there are other people out there who are as zealous about TJ’s wines as we are, and also make the mistake of repeatedly buying the rotten bottles. If that’s you, our Traitor Joe’s blog is for you.

But then, as we got the idea for a website, we kept thinking of more blogs we could add to it. Scott had the idea to play Fantasy TV. Sonya is moving to New York in September and will probably want to blog about that. Scott wants to rant about sports. Sonya wants to write about food and fashion. Scott’s started home brewing beer. You get the idea. Read on for our zany thoughts on our daily activities.


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    I disapprove of you not approving my previous comment

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