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A Super bowl wrap up? Sure why not

Hi all, 


So i got busy and distracted and this blog fell by the wayside. 

First of all, that was one of the better super bowl games I can ever remember. The Ravens were definitely the best team and it was just a great experience to watch. I really don’t think the 49ers should be too sad, they were excellent (in the second half at least) and I think that they will actually win it in the next 5 years (you heard it here first!). 

So, now on to the offseason! I enjoy this part of the NFL season ALMOST as much as the actual season! I love how GM’s think, how teams are constructed, and how you manage contracts and salary from a team perspective. I’d like to briefly talk about both of my favorite teams, but this post should be short and sweet as there isn’t much to go on yet, the offseason is still in its infant stages. 

Carolina Panthers: Interesting fact on They ran computer simulations based on points scored and such, the panthers were the most underachieving team relative to normal performance. According to the stats, bad game management and bad luck led them to 3.5 fewer wins than they actually had. In non mathy terms, had a few bad breaks gone the way they should have, this was a playoff team. That’s surprising given where they did finish, but totally jives with what it felt like watching this team all season. Given this, there are a few moves I’d make in free agency.  The defense is SO close to contending. Kuechly is to the defense what Cam is to the offense. What they need is help in the secondary. I’ve said 100 times that they should be involved in the Revis discussions, but given that they are frugal and he will command more money than any CB has ever gotten (or is probably worth), the best bet is to see who the best free agent in the secondary would be. I like getting Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. Fun fact: Captain Munnerlyn is a free agent and I’d try to keep him. He’s the most consistent player in the current secondary. I don’t think they have much change potential on their D-line. Offensively, you have to look for a solid number 2 WR (I like lafell but he’s not getting them into the super bowl—-clearly this is an offensive game, look at Baltimore with torrey smith, boldin, and jacoby jones). You maybe make a play for Wes Welker or Mike Wallace, but I’d be happy with a guy like Danny Amendola, Dwayne Bowe, or even Austin Collie. All really really solid receivers and EXACTLY what the offense needs. 


Jets: So this is what I’ve decided in my rage of the last few weeks. I am going to trust our new GM John Idsik. The jets have the worst salary cap situation in the league. Given that they will need to release a bunch of players (all of whom suck so it’s ok, see ya Bart Scott) and they will be a measly 10 million under the cap. What this means is that, basically, they can’t do anything in free agency. Trading Revis, which may actually be necessary although it makes me physically ill, will open up some cap room but that will be used on young inexpensive players. I think this might be the best strategy, building towards the future. The cap situation GREATLY improves in 2014 because the huge contracts of Santonio Holmes and Mark Sanchez will be off the books. Given that, this is a team that needs to draft really well and build for the future. I see 2013 kind of as a throwaway year. We won’t make the playoffs and Rex might get fired. We should be focusing on winning as many games as we can, give playing time to young players that will be around for the long haul (Bilal Powell, Stephen Hill). I’d like to draft defense—there are a lot of aging players that will leave in free agency and I think getting some solid D-lineman and linebackers will be important. I like that we have cromartie and kyle wilson pretty well locked up and I see why the Revis trade makes sense. If it has to happen, they need to maximize his value and get draft picks. They don’t need an aging player to make 2013 contendable, because it will fail. 



Sigh, that was depressing but cathartic to write about the jets. 


Onward to free agency 2013, the 2013 NFL draft, and the 2013-2014 NFL season. Along the way we get the joys of March Madness, the NBA playoffs, and the return of baseball! Also there’s hockey, but I’m still mad at them 🙂


Back to business school,