Sportscenter makes me angry, Olivesatire has to deal with it

So, Bob Kraft, the only person in the Patriots organization that I actually admire, had this to say about the Patriots playing in London this weekend :

“I think London has shown, with the way they’ve handled the Olympics and every other major sporting event, that it’s time for you to have your own NFL franchise, based in London.”

I’m sorry Bob, but that’s INSANE. I’ve already listened to countless reports about how this game is too strange to call because you don’t know how the players will react to the travel. Additionally, the NFL gave them both byes next week because of travel adjustments. So you’re telling me that a team should permanently be like that? Would you have all their home games and then have them come to the states for their away games? What if they won the right to host a playoff game? Wouldn’t that provide a disadvantage to whomever played in that game after they advanced to play someone who hadn’t left the states? Sorry, but unless trans atlantic travel becomes instantaneous and jet lag eliminated, then this is a horrendous strategy. The ONLY way this makes sense to me is that if there is an entire division in Europe. Take the old NFL Europe and make it a division. They play all their divisional games, then teams could come over and essentially tour the division, playing a month in Europe or something. To me, that’s the only way to do it. The NFL is not looking to add a division, so this will never come to fruition. I’d say that this whole London team thing would never happen, but last I checked Roger Goodell is still the commissioner of the National Football League, so really any kind of incompetent decision could take place.


ugh god I hate the Patriots.



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