Non sports post (get hyped yo)

So I was on CNN and I saw this opinion piece and I really wanted to respond to it, but Twitter seemed a bad forum and I really didn’t want to comment on the article, so I chose Olive Satire. 

My Take: 'I'm spiritual but not religious' is a cop-out

This article makes me angry for a variety of reasons. Essentially what the author is saying is that by people not taking a stand spiritually, they are somehow lost or indecisive. However, what I think is overlooked (rudely, by the way, the author is high and mighty and nothing makes me more annoyed than that) is that some people believe that there is something out there but know that there is no way to validate this belief. To be clear, this isn’t some kind of defeatist mentality as suggested by the author. I see myself in this camp because while I really do feel that there is a higher power, I’m not silly enough to not believe in evolution or to subscribe to doctrine.

The author also suggests that this form of thinking breeds selfishness and lack of morality. I feel that’s asinine. Morality, in the same sense as civic duty, does not have to be described by doctrine, it can be conveyed by living in society. I don’t really understand the author’s argument regarding selfishness, to me a person’s beliefs and “selfishness” are unrelated. 

In any case, rant over, i find this article silly but I wanted to post it and a response. 



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