The NBA Playoffs, the quiet summer, and the beginning of the NFL

Howdy folks. I’ll be honest, I’m using blogging to procrastinate my Econ homework. Sue me.


The NBA playoffs are leading into a thrilling conclusion with the Miami Heat awaiting the winner of the 76ers/Celtics 7 game series. I typically love game 7’s but this one seems kind of like an afterthought. I really don’t think the 76ers have enough offensive firepower to compete with the Heat and I, personally, can’t stand the Celtics and really don’t think that they can compete with the Heat, especially with the loss of Avery Bradley. I think he was a defensive stand against D-Wade. The West is interesting, the Spurs are very good and I think this might be their last stand. However, I’ll be pulling for OKC since I had Heat over Thunder in my preseason picks.


I don’t really want to talk about the NHL till the Finals. The Rangers/Devils series has been pretty good, either team will be exciting in the finals against the Kings and I really think whoever wins the East will beat the Kings, but the Kings have been on a roll so it’s entirely possible that they continue to surprise.

Not shockingly, i’m already tired of Baseball. My yankees seem to suck, the red sox suck, and I am ready for the NFL to start, such is the summer of sports. I think the Nationals and Dodgers are pretty fun to watch though, I’m excited to watch some more of them.

So, ESPN has been covering the Jets OTA’s like they are on Brett Favre’s front lawn, so I’d like to offer a quick thought. It’s hilarious that Tebow has been “poor” in OTA’s. 1) OTA’s don’t matter, 2) Sanchez being “great” doesn’t make me feel good because OTA’s don’t matter and 3) If you are shocked that Tebow’s mechanics are bad, you clearly didn’t watch football (or ESPN) last season.  I think that’s been pretty well described. The pro-tebowites would argue that his strength is in winning games, which he can’t do at OTA’s because they don’t matter. Did I mention that OTA’s don’t matter? Also, Tony Sparano looks funny, if we have a bad year I think he’ll be the focus of my mocking.


That’s all the procrastinating I can justify, happy friday folks 🙂


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