Hello, I am Scott. I will blog about beer, sports, and testosterone.

I am not as good of a writer as Sonya, so you should know when I’m posting. Also, She’ll probably be more regular than I am. I really don’t eat enough fiber.

Today, I’d like to do a combo post, because normally I’ll stick to one of my topics. However, I’d like to briefly talk about sports today and then tell you about my homebrew!


All of this nonsense with NBA players being paid to play in the Olympics has been bothering me all day. The simple reason (as originally opined by Tony Kornheiser, but completely logical and true) is that other Olympians are given a small stipend, which the whiny, overpaid, NBA players also receive. I think the Dream Team era should be over and we should go back to having college players play in the Olympics. In this age of one and done anyway, it’d still be an awesome team. Can you see the starting five? Kendall Marshall, Michael Kidd Gilchrist, Anthony Davis, Jared Sullenger and Thomas Robinson? Holy Balls. I bet they could beat the Bobcats.

(The whole “could the Kentucky Wildcats beat the professional horrible Charlotte Bobcats” is not really worth a discussion. The Bobcats would win by 15. You know why? They have every freaking first round pick in the past five years. They may be NBA busts but they definitely could beat Kentucky. In fact, one of the “great Kentucky 5” will most likely be a Bobcat and continue the age of suckitude under Michael Jordan. What a worthless debate.)


So for my birthday, my amazing and wonderful girlfriend bought me a homebrewing kit, which is something I’ve wanted to get into for such a long time. I think that the next batch I brew, I will go step by step through the process so if someone stumbles upon this blog, they will be able to follow along and brew. However, given that I am learning myself, this is not the best batch to work that on.

I am brewing an American Amber, which if you want to compare to a store brand, is probably closest to a Sam Adams. I don’t really expect it to taste anything like Sam Adams as conventional wisdom states the first few batches of homebrew are barely above garbage (hopefully).

This weekend, I transferred my future beer from the fermentation tank to the cool plastic carboy my parents bought me. The reason that’s noteworthy is because fermentation tanks (which need to remain sealed) are white and you are not able to see into them. Carboys are clear. SO—this is the first chance I’ve had since I started fermentation to take a look at my beer. It looks and smells perfect (there is a picture on the page). I can’t wait to drink it!

The next step is to transfer it to bottles (with some sugar for the little yeastys to eat) and then 2 weeks till drinking! I think I’ll probably give it 1.5-2 weeks in the carboy.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back soon 🙂

This is the beer going into my carboy!

Doesn't that look like it will be delicious????


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